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About The Company

Drycool Systems India Private Limited (“Drycool”) is one of oldest and leading chiller manufacturers in India as well as other parts of the world. Drycool is a pioneer in manufacturing of industrial chillers like screw chiller, scroll chiller, water cooled screw chiller, air cooled screw chiller, air cooled scroll chiller, water cooled scroll chiller, ammonia chillers, brine chiller, batching plant chiller, inverter screw chiller, inverter scroll chiller, oil chiller, water chiller, air chillers.

The chillers manufactured and supplied by Drycool are CFC free and contain an energy saving component which is integral for the conservation of the environment. The engineering and design simplicity utilized by Drycool in manufacturing the chillers provides an added advantage to the customer in utilizing the chillers. Drycool is an industry expert in manufacturing chillers for a variety of industries.

Drycool Systems is one of the best chiller suppliers in India for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning companies. We are equipped with proper HVAC system integration, investment management, core integration air conditioning production, and contract energy Management. We are completely dedicated to properly using geothermal, thermal power generation, industrial waste heat recovery, and various other new energy fields. We will be completely dedicated to the production and system development of the central air conditioning systems, solutions, and services.