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Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed Air Dryers are developed at our state-of-art manufacturing unit that is the ideal energy saver for production process. The compressed air that leaves the compressor is saturated with moisture, dust and oil that are accountable for major problems. They are known for reducing the amount of water vapor, liquid vapor and other hydrocarbon vapor present in compressed air. Dry and clean air can be obtained with the use of compressed air.

  • Eliminate the moisture related problems in Drycool air dryer
  • Moisture mainly react with chemical and contaminate the product
  • Corrosion of pipe lines and pneumatic instruments
  • Moisture form sticky emulsion with dirt, scale, oil and plug precision
  • Moisture is responsible for washing lubricants, thus increasing wear and tear

  • Refrigerated Air Dryers

    Refrigerated Air DryersHaving the support of an expert team, we have successfully developed Refrigerated Air Dryers. These dryers worked on the principle of compressed air with saturated water vapor that enters the dryer's pre-cooling device. This air is cooled down with outgoing cold air, thus reducing the load of the system.

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  • Adsorption Dryes (Heatless)

    Adsorption Dryes HeatlessAdsorption dryers (Heatless) are designed with the consistent efforts of our professional team and the vast knowledge that they owe. These dryers’ works on a twin-tower alternative operation mode when the compressed air enters the dryer’s tower A through valve 1A. The air is then dehydrated and dried under the adsorption action of the adsorption use.

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  • Filters

    FiltersAir quality has a significant impact on the performance of compressed air dryers and properly filtered compressed air improves system efficiency, productivity and product or process quality. We have a wide range of filters for providing superior air quality to almost every compressed air application in the industry.

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  • After Coolers

    After CoolersAfter Coolers are required in the industries for cooling the discharge come out from air compressor. For this purpose, either air or water is used proved to be an effective means of eliminating the moisture from compressed air. They are specially designed to control the level of water vapor through condensing them into liquid form.

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  • Air Receivers

    Air ReceiversAir Receivers are fabricated as the tanks required for compressed air storage. These are recommended in all compressed air systems as they are designed as the construction of unfired pressure vessels. Putting their whole efforts, our team members' uses reliable materials for its manufacturing that have been sourced from certified vendors.

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  • Heatless Compressed Air Dryers

    After CoolersWe are engaged in offering Heatless Compressed Air Dryers /Refrigerated Air Dryers to the clients.

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