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Energy Management Services

Energy Performance Contracting Services

“Guaranteed energy savings and making you profitable from the start”
We provide a range of energy performance services aimed at satisfying stakeholder needs and maximize a facility's long-term asset value through sustained and predictable energy and cost savings. Our services allow facility owners and managers to upgrade ageing and inefficient assets while recovering capital required for the upgrade directly from the energy savings guaranteed by us.

DC SAVES (Shared and Value Enhancement Savings) is an energy performance contracting program by Drycool Intelligence wherein we partner with our clients to improve the energy efficiency of a facility. We take the technical risk in evaluating the level of energy savings that could be achieved and then offer to implement the project, guarantee those savings and get remunerated over an agreed term.

DECIP (Drycool Energy Conservation Investment Partnership) is a program for educational institutes, healthcare and retail sector which allows us to partner with our clients and launch energy saving investments strategies and sustainability initiatives. We help our clients in drafting standard operating procedures, making business cases, implementing projects, managing finance curves and metrics for energy retrofit projects. We also setup programs with undergraduate and graduate students in education institutes in order to train and potentially recruit them for internships and full-time job offers.

Real Time Reporting & Dash Boarding Services

“Visualize, Analyze, Optimize.“

A real-time dashboard always puts the most important KPIs and goals at your fingertips. These dashboards with drill-down capabilities and with extreme granular data are always up to date, automatically.

Drycool Intelligence analyzes how and where energy is being used in your facility and then provides business intelligence dashboards and reports for stakeholders to monitor energy efficiency and make investment related decisions.


Energy Management via Energy Analytics Services

“Providing energy management excellence by flipping the Energy Data Iceberg.”

We deploy scalable data analytics solutions (Energy Management Systems, EMS)which integrate all the data from automation systems, metering systems and other smart devices into one location for rapid assessment and to monitor building operation and energy performance, providing operations staff with cost-effective and targeted support. We also help our partners and clients in business process development and integration with following:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Customer Utility Billing management software framework
  • Automated Work Order System
  • Asset management data delivery
  • Sequences of Operation optimization
  • Capex project development and implementation

Virtual Energy Audits Services

“Virtual Energy Audits are the future for the smart energy efficiency programs.”

Remote or virtual energy audits is an emerging practice that provides building owners with a greater understanding of their building’s energy use and operations using inputs from utility meters and computer modeling.

With a virtual energy audit, you’ll also discover potential opportunities to improve your energy systems, how much energy savings you could generate, and how you can fund a cash-flow positive energy project without any upfront costs.

Measurement & Verification Services

“Plan, Measure, Collect and Analyze”

Drycool helps you determine the energy savings achieved in a retrofit or an energy project according to the appropriate IPMVP Principles. Through comprehensive analytics we provide customized M&V reports to show how the building is tracking against targets. We help building owners, contractors , building operators, design & project managers in energy budget variance, performance verification of implemented projects and recognition for sustainability of design.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Sustainalytics Services

“Turning Sustainability goals into real progress.”

For planning, setting, and achieving your sustainability goals, Drycool’s team is well placed to support your needs through our understanding of the challenges of multijurisdictional programs to ensure you achieve real results across your site portfolio. We help in providing the tools required to help establish KPIs and developing sustainability reports.

We start our process with a sustainability brief to set clear targets and objectives for the design team and project to follow. This brief is updated during the design phase to align and adapt to the organization’s preferred strategies and targets appropriate for the project.

Through a combination of workshops and targeted guidance we provide qualitative environmental and low energy design advice and guidance to embrace environmentally sustainable design in respect to:


  • Building Thermal Performance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation
  • Green House Emissions
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Waste Management
  • On – Going Operational Strategies

Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap

“Strong commitment and a strategic approach to corporate responsibility”

At Drycool, we are convinced that companies must place their values at the center of their business model and use all their weight in favor of responsible and sustainable development. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Roadmaps helps organization reduce their social and environmental impacts.

Achieving quantifiable results are vital for any organization to assess the efficacy of their CSR program. We partner with organizations and help them with benchmarking active social and environmental data and set short, medium- and long-term targets. Once the benchmarks are set, we develop meaningful and effective strategies for engaging our clients in improvement activities to meet the established targets.

We are unique in the way that our methodology is dynamic, result driven and involves collaboration with various cross functional stakeholders within the organization to ensure a purposeful CSR program.

Emissions Reporting Services

“Reducing Emissions and Increasing via Smarter Sustainability”

Emissions reporting is an essential part of an organization’s sustainability reporting. For enhanced reporting and to motivate action, we help you complete greenhouse gas and carbon emissions reports.

  • LEED Projects Design
  • Program Management

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