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Smart Buildings Services

Building Automation Design & Upgrades Services

“Operate and maintain your facilities more reliably, more efficiently, and with less cost.”

Commercial buildings can realize many benefits from installing a building Management system (BMS), including superior facility performance and efficiency, optimized occupant comfort and easier day-to-day operation and control of the building systems.

By leveraging an open protocol, non-proprietary approach, Drycool designs and buildsthe most flexible and scalable building management platforms. The resultant systems can be integrated to devices from any number of building data protocols and vendors, meet and exceed networksecurity standards, and can be installed on preferred hardware of choice.

Efficiency Retrofits Services

“Lighting Retrofits, VFD installations, Economizer Installations, DDC Upgrades”

When it comes to upgrading an organization’s energy systems Infrastructure, too often the energy services industry has been focused on supplying swollen quotations to meet a minimum project size or selling a proprietary product their company manufactures. We help our clients with air handler retrofits, VFD installations, high efficiency motor installations, DDC upgrades, Pressure independent control valve implementation, data center retrofits, energy efficient lighting upgrades, dual duct system optimization, fume hood retrofits, economizer installation and upgrades.

AI powered Fault Detection & Diagnostics Services

“Remotely connecting to your site and saving you more than 20% of your energy costs and 10% on O&M costs.”

Drycool has brought together data driven technology to make your building smarter. We leverage big data from automation systems, metering systems and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities to pivot productivity and seamless controllability of your assets. This system helps with condition-based maintenance, speed to rectification, energy savings, operational improvements and cost reduction.

System Integration Services

“Automation made easy”

Drycool as a master systems integrator helps clients in providing solutions which share data between systems like HVAC, lighting, life safety and security to enhance building operations. We help organizations manage a portfolio of buildings from one central location and streamline operations by obtaining actionable information. Our programmers can help design system graphics and user interface for the building management system

Metering and Monitoring Services

“Providing visibility on energy usage at an end use level on a regular basis.”

Drycool Intelligence believes that in order to effectively manage the energy consumption at any large facility, it is important to have visibility on utility usage at an end use level on a regular basis. Reviewing energy bills monthly does not allow for reasonable troubleshooting of energy related issues or provide the ability to react to these issues in a timely manner.

We work with our clients to deploy smart systems, temperature loggers, current transducers, electrical meters, btu meters, gas meters, water meters and other measurement devices at specific metering points.

HVAC Systems Services

System Sizing And Selections Services

System Sizing And Selections Services


  • Sustainability
  • Constructability
  • Maintainability

Air Quality Consulting Services

Drycool’s qualified engineers inspects facilities to determine if indoor air quality parameter deficiencies are causing a sick building syndrome and affecting the comfort and performance of the building’s occupants. Our state-of-the-art instrumentation enables us to conduct on-site tests and provide immediate recommendations.

Depending on the organization’s specific requirements we can provide services including mold or moisture assessments, industrial hygiene, infection control and ventilation system design, assessment and evaluation.

Chiller Retrofits and Optimization Services

“Combining quality consulting services with efficient, cost-effective, customized energy solutions”

We work with our clients to provide new chillers, retrofit existing chiller plants and optimize current chiller plant operation. We offer data and model utilization to implement central plant optimization and provide optimal HVAC system performance and control using an algorithm which utilizes equipment performance characteristics, building envelope and system performance variables. Our control programmers can work with you to draft and deploy state of the art sequences of operation for HVAC systems.

Energy Modelling Services

“Building Computer Based Simulation models to track or forecast energy consumption”

Drycool uses computer-based tools to simulate the energy use of a full spectrum of buildings and climate zones throughout an entire year of operation.

Smart Building Asset Management

“Making Asset Inventory more manageable”

HVAC equipment and systems management for commercial, industrial, healthcare or educational sites can be a prodigious task, especially when you are faced with old systems and unplanned repairs. Drycool provides state of the art“ Asset Tracker” software framework to ensure all the assets and related preventive maintenance workflow can be modelled in a centralized repository in the cloud. Our solution can help you provide repair accuracy, better purchasing decisions, detailed insight into equipment, warranty tracking and eliminate spreadsheets. Your asset data is secure and accurate as a result of various levels of user access and approval processes.


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